Cold Storage Refrigerated Warehouse

KJ Cold Storage is a leading 3PL company offering comprehensive traceable cold chain solutions including cold storage & fulfillment, refrigerated transportation, and temperature-controlled logistics throughout Wisconsin, Eastern Minnesota, Northwestern Iowa, and the Greater Midwest.

KJ Cold Storage is a leading 3PL company offering comprehensive traceable cold chain solutions including frozen warehousing & fulfillment, refrigerated transportation, and temperature-controlled logistics services throughout Wisconsin

Cold Storage & Refrigerated Warehousing is the storage of any temperature controlled item that prevents that item from decaying or falling out of compliance with the laws and regulations that apply to that item.  However, having said that, when it comes to Cold Storage, not all facilities are created equal as most are outdated.  According to a report from JLL Research more than 78% of cold storage buildings in the U.S. were built before 2000, which means they often lack the qualities and features of modern cold operations.  

KJ Storage is a newly constructed Cold Storage & Refrigerated Warehouse in Wisconsin of modern building standards including advanced materials, tailored trailer parking and staging areas.  Our cold storage & refrigerated warehouse high ceilings and wide spaces between columns enables swift and efficient staging of pallets and racks allowing you, the customer, to get more, faster, at less expense.

We have a complete GMP Plan, HACCP Plan, Food Defense Plan, and we are FSMA compliant. We are licensed and compliant with all Wisconsin and federal agencies. We aim to be your strategic and value added crosspoint in your food supply chain logistics strategy.

We understand the precise art of transporting and storing temperature controlled shipments and protect your products from the time it reaches our refrigerated loading docks until departure and delivery. In between, we offer a comprehensive array of services tailored to your specific needs. 

Our Services

  • Long-term & short-term storage
  • Refrigerated cross docking & load consolidation
  • Pick & pack operations
  • Inventory track & trace
  • Online customer portal
  • Inventory reporting 
  • Streamline your operations with our refrigerated product delivery services, learn more here.

Quite simply, the cleanest warehouse I have ever seen. Customer service is exceptional. All the trucks we send in have nothing but good things to say about the speed at which they were loaded. All around fantastic group to work with

-Google Review

KJ Cold Storage Refrigerated Warehouse Specifications

  • over 7,680 pallet positions available for multi-temperature space (0° F, 36°F & 50° F)
  • 50,000 square foot refrigerated facility along with alternate site freezer space
  • 3 loading docks for speedy pallet-in pallet-out workflow
  • Fully secured and monitored 24 hours-a-day 
  • Cold Storage plus Dry / Curing Room
  • Registered’ with the FDA and ‘approved’ by WI-DATCP (State of Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection) as a Public Warehouse and a Food Warehouse
  • Compliance with FDA Food Safety Regulations
  • Member of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Racked Facilities
  • Contract Warehousing
  • Tempering
  • Stretch Wrapping: To protect our customer’s items from moisture, dust, and shifting while in storage or in transit we offer stretch wrapping services.
  • Labeling
  • Product Protection: Through our temperature monitoring system, security system, and HACCP program we make sure your inventory is safe and secure within our premises

The USDA has created a list of temperatures and proper loading procedures for fruits, vegetables, canned foods, dairy products, meats, seafood, poultry, eggs and frozen foods.   You can download a PDF of this list  Click Here

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